It’s that time again…Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Only 52 more sleeps! Remember to be great-full for the presents you receive and the food you eat, and remember, there are people in the world who won’t get anything and won’t have some grand feast. Be thankful that you are able to spend time with your family. Anyway, get exited and hang your stockings, Father Christmas is coming to town! Fractal Santa ClausCreative Commons License Beverly & Pack via Compfight

How am I different online than in real life?

Online, I am very similar to the me in real life. I’m competitive, love to win, and am creative. However, online, I am much, much more confident and share my ideas with people almost as soon as I have them. In real life, I’m sort of shy, and keep to myself quite a bit. I love to play online multiplayer games, and usually crush it, but when I play real life games, like Marco Polo, or Scavenger Hunt, I usually come 2nd or 3rd.



A big surprise

One more to go, I think to myself as I pack my bags. My family and I were going to Miami! We were staying at a 4 ½ star resort called The Tropical Towers. To me, it just sounds so…exotic! I was heading to the airport tomorrow at 8:45 so we can get there and have time to get a snack or something, and then board the flight at 9:10. Mum pokes her head around the door and pulls me out of my thoughts.
“Jessie, are you almost finished? Your father I want to talk about tomorrow to sort out some more, ok? And there is a surprise. Goodbye!” She adds quickly.
“Mother! Back her please!” She doesn’t listen, though. Oh, well. I’d just have to wait. NO! I could not do that! I grab 10 or 11 different camisoles and shorts and shove them into my orange suitcase decorated with fairly large yellow and pink flowers. Firstly I grab my toothbrush, then my toothpaste, and then my shampoo, and finally body wash. I then shove them mercilessly into a satchel and throw my satchel into my suitcase. I run out the door, and down the stairs, and almost face-plant, so I slow to a walk. I enter the kitchen, and see my big brother sitting on the couch, so I join them.
“So, your father and I have been thinking and we have decided that you become responsible enough to take on some new responsibilities.” I zone out and start thinking about Kelpies
“This is why when we get back from the holiday; we’ll be getting…a dog!
“Kelpies!!”I yell.
“That what we were thinking.” Says Dad.
“Well, I’m too excited to sleep, thanks.” Says my big brother Josh

All about me


I was born on a Monday afternoon on September 29, 2003. I came home 3 days later to various grandparents and other relatives. I spent the next 15 months in bliss before my brother arrived. I then had someone to play with.

I have lived in 5 houses in my 11 years. My family had a Dalmatian called Juke but he died when I was 3. I remember that he had a tail like a whip which he would wag constantly because he was very happy.

I started kindy when I was 4 at Mawson Lakes Kindy. Then moved on to school at Mawson Lakes School. In reception (June 2009) my dad moved us to America for his job and we lived in Las Vegas for the rest of that year.

While we were there we visited Disneyland many times and I started to play tennis there too. It was very hot every day in summer, it never went below 36°, even at night. We had some days in the 40’s. I had my 6th birthday at Chucky Cheeses with my friends. Before we came home in December that year, we drove up Mt Charleston (a mountain just out of the city of Vegas) to see the snow. It was the first time I had seen snow. It was freezing!

When we arrived back in Adelaide I resumed school at MLS, but shortly after moved to a school at Golden Grove which was awesome.

We have had some really great holidays back in America to visit our friends. We went back in 2013 where we again visited Disneyland and our friends in Vegas.

We went back again last year and started our trip with a cruise to Mexico (not a very nice place) then a day at Disneyland for my mum’s birthday, then we drove to Las Vegas to visit friends and have Mother’s Day. We then flew to Toronto, Canada, so we could go to Niagra Falls, which were fogged in, we were sooooo disappointed. From there we caught the train to New York and spent the next couple of day wandering the Big Apple. We then drove to Washington DC and went to a lot of museums and saw the White House, and various other landmarks. Then we flew home.

I stayed at GGLPS until 3 terms ago, when I started at Wildy.

Sports I have attempted…






Horseriding &

Cirkidz (circus skills)


Of all of these, horseriding and Cirkidz are my favourites.

The story of a true champion

Biscuit’s hooves churn up the ground underneath him. Before we cross the finish line, we have to jump the biggest and hardest jump in the course. The triple combination. We power towards the first jump in the combo, and then the second. The third one looms ahead, and over we go. The rest happens in a blur. Eventually, the cheering dies down, and I can think clearly again. Rather than me, Marly, my bestie, takes Biscuit and takes him for a few cool-down laps, while I walk up to the arena where the medal ceremony is taking place.

“In third place we have…” boomed the judge ”Frankie Wills on Dream!”

The crowd screams, and I applaud loudly.

“In second place we have…Jessica Track on Star!”

In the audience, I can see her parents standing in the grandstand, screaming.

“And the winner of the blue ribbon is…”He pauses for suspense ”Cleo Rose on Tarnish! Congratulations Cleo!” He walks over to me and pins the ribbon to my collar.

“Thank you so much!” I say. Jess, Mum and Dad come running up to me, but I’m already jogging to Biscuit. I grab him in a hug and whisper to him: ”We came first boy!!”

He whinnies in response. Mum and Dad walk up to me and congratulate me.

“Now, Cleo, as well as winning the blue ribbon, we’re taking you to London to compete for the Olympics!!!” Mum shouts excitedly.

“This is the best day of my life!” I reply.